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Related article: Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2010 12:42:45 -0400 From: cmm cmm Subject: Adventures With Benny Chapter 3Disclaimer: All rights reserved by author. This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters and places are the product of my imagination the author. If by chance this story resembles to any person or event it is purely coinsidentual. This story contains sexual relations between male/male, father/son, adult/minor insest and other types of sexual activity. By continuing to read this you affirm that you are of legal age to read this material and that this material is legal in your present location or area. My Adventures With Benny Chapter 3After getting back to camp from our little sexcapade, Benny and I acted as if nothing happened, although it was so hard for me to not stare at him with lust in my eyes. Finally the fire was put out and we all turned in for the night, except my blood was still boiling and my cock was still rigid. I tossed and turned the whole night just thinking of everything that had happened and hoping and thinking of more to come. After about an hour or so of tossing and turning I finally fell asleep, but as soon as my eyes shut they opened wide up from excitement a few hours later, but being the first one up I didn't want to leave the tent because I didn't want to wake anyone. But then I heard the other tent open and I heard footsteps, it was Benny! So I quietly sneaked out of the tent and went off to the showers guessing that, that is where he went. When I walked into the shower room I heard the shower going so I quickly brushed my teeth and tiptoed my way to the back where the water was running, I peaked in his shower stall and saw his naked ass with water running down his back and crack and legs. So I joined him in the stall and when he turned around we both had a surprise.Benny turned around and saw me standing there completely naked and rock hard and when he turned around I saw he to was rock hard and right beside him stood his 6yr old son Manuel who also had a little hard on. So to say the least we were both very surprised, I was about to walk out and leave them there to finish their "shower" but right as I turned around Benny put his hand on my shoulder and said "Chris wait, you don't have to leave. You can join us if you want? I mean we have all seen each other naked, besides there's nothing wrong with a father showering and cleaning his two boys." Then Manuel chimed in saying "Yeah! Please don't leave! Stay and shower with us" so I turned back around and joined them.So Manuel went back to cleaning his father the way he was before I surprised them, by stroking his dad's hard cock with his little soapy hand. He then asked Benny "Daddy can I clean his cock too?" Benny replied with "Sure son, I'm sure he'd like that. Wouldn't you?" he asked me and I smiled at Benny and then looked at Manuel and said "Oh yes Manuel, I'd really like it" so he put his other little soapy hand on my cock and was stroking it. I loved the way his little hand felt and I really loved the way my cock looked in his little hand, I mean I was only 5inches at the time but in Manuel's hand it looked huge! Then I looked at Benny's cock grasped in his son's hand and his 7in uncut cock looked monsterous!After a couple of minutes of Manuel stroking our cocks he looked up at us with his cute young baby face and asked "Daddy can you clean me now? And can you show Chris how you clean me?" Benny told him "Yes baby, if that's what you want. Now just do what you're suppoessed to do." So Manuel bent forward and rested his upper body against the tile of the shower stall and reached behind and spread his plump milky white butt cheeks apart. Then Benny said to me "Ok now pay attention so you'll Lolitas Nude know how to clean my son" with that he squatted down and buried his face between his young sons butt and slid his tongue into Manuel's tight pink little butt hole, as soon as Benny's tongue entered his hole, Manuel let out some moans and whimpers of pleasure, he seemed to be enjoying it a lot. Then Benny told me "Ok now squat down and do exactly what I did" and I did. I squatted down and got a very up close look of Manuel's butt hole, it was the nicest thing Lolitas Nude I'd ever seen, it was completely smooth and it was so pink, then it winked at me as it pulsed, so I ran my tongue from the bottom of his crack to the top, then I slipped my tongue in his hole. It was nice and tight around my tongue and it tasted incredible, I was enjoying my first rim job that I was preforming, plus the fact that I was doing a good job because he was clearly enjoying it.Then Benny said "Perfect! You're doing a great job, now it's time for the next part." So I stood up and aside and began jacking off while Benny showed me what to do next. He soaped up Manuel's crack and then his own fingers and then he slowly inserted his finger into his son's hole. His finger was completely inside, Manuel was moaning and Benny bent down and kissed his son, he slipped his tongue into his son's mouth and Manuel kissed his father back and was moaning into his mouth. Benny then pulled his finger out of his little boys hole and slipped it into my mouth and I began to suck on it, it tasted so good. Then he told me that it was my turn and that he'd be watching and guiding me on what to do next. So I soaped up my fingers and I slid it into his son's tight little hole, oh my god it felt awesome! It was tight and warm inside and moist, my cock began to ooze streams of pre cum, Benny saw this and asked if I was enjoying it and all I could do was nod my head.All of a sudden I felt Benny's hand on my cock and he squeezed my cock head and wiped up a bunch of my pre cum on two of his fingers and put them in Manuel's mouth, he then squeezed again and this time put his pre cum soaked fingers in my mouth. Then he bent down to my ear and whispered "Now just keep your finger in my boys hole and relax" then he kissed me on the cheek and moved behind me, all of a sudden I felt his warm wet tongue up and down my crack, then he slipped it in my tight hole, now I know why Manuel kept moaning, it felt amazing! Benny removed his tongue after a couple of minutes and inserted his finger, then he told me "Now everything that you feel me do to you, I want you to do the exact same thing to my little boy." First he slid his finger in and out very slowly and I did this to Manuel, then he slid a second finger in me and I did the same to Manuel. With two fingers in us Benny began to slide his fingers in and out a little faster and this time he twisted his hand back and forth and it felt amazing! So I did the same to Manuel and not only did it feel great getting it done but it also felt amazing doing it to Benny's young little boy.Benny withdrew his fingers and all of a sudden I felt his cock head rubbing against my virgin hole and my hole started twitching, I guess I was eager to take him in me. So I withdrew my fingers and placed my cock head at Manuel's hole and his twitched as well, I couldn't believe this, I was finally going to be getting what I had lusted over for so long and it would be even better than I could've ever imagined because not only was Benny going to fuck me, but I was going to fuck his son at the same time! Before he pushed into me he said "Remember do exactly what I do. I won't hurt you and you won't hurt Manuel" and I told him "God I wish I was your son Benny, that way I could've had the same special relationship that Manuel has with you." His response was something I never imagined him saying "Well baby, whenever we're together you are my son and I am your daddy, so Manuel will be your little brother. How does that sound son?" "That sounds fantastic! Thanks daddy! I promise I won't disappoint you, I promise I will always try my best to please you!" is what I told him.As soon as I finished my response I felt Benny's cock Lolitas Nude head penetrate through my devirginized hole, he didn't move he just gave me a minute to get used to his thick tip and then slid a couple of inches in and said "That's my good boy, you feel so tight and warm. Now slowly do the same thing to your little brother." I did exactly what I was told and said "Ok daddy! Your cock feels great inside of me." So I slowly and gently pushed my cock head into Manuel's hole and didn't move for a minute giving him a chance to get adjusted to my cock being inside of him, then I slid a couple of more inches in. He felt so tight and so warm inside, it felt like a tight wet hand gripping and squeezing my cock in pulses, and all I heard was moans of pleasure coming from Manuel. So with the three of us on our hands and knees in the shower, Benny pushed the rest of his cock in with just enough force to push my body forward which caused me to push the rest of my cock inside of Manuel."Ok son, now I'm going to pull out a little bit and I want you to thrust yourself at your own pace as hard or soft as you want, that way you'll be fucking yourself on daddy's cock while you fuck your little brother." So I began to thrust slowly and gentle at first and then a little faster and a little harder, then I said "Daddy this feels amazing! I don't think I'm going to last much longer, I'm really close to cumming" he told me "It's ok son, shoot your cum inside of your brother because I'm close to filling your hole with my cream" he said back to me. Then it happened I couldn't hold it anymore "OH DADDY!!! I'M CUMMMMMING! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! OH YEAH!!!!" I shouted out. I could feel my cum filling Manuel's young little ass at the same time I felt my hole clamping down tight on Benny's cock and I think that pushed him over the edge because I felt his cock get a little larger and harder, then I heard him shout out, "OOOOHHHHHHHH YEAH BABY! DADDY'S CUMMING! OOOOHHHHHHH YEAH! TAKE IT SON! TAKE ALL MY DADDY JUICE!!! OHH YEAH YOU FEEL AMAZING!!!!!"We were still for a moment, then being the controling daddy that he was, Benny said "Keep your cock inside your brother" as he pulled out of me, right after his cock was out of me he replaced it with his tongue, I was in shock, he was eating his cum out of my hole. Then he got up and squatted down and kissed me, he pushed his cum into my mouth and we shared it Lolitas Nude as our tongues massaged each others. Then he stood up and said "Now open your mouth and clean off daddy's cock!" So I did, I could taste his cum and my ass juices, at first I was grossed out but then got turned on by what I was doing. After I cleaned him off to his satisfaction he withdrew and told me "Now do the same thing with your brother, I would like to see my two boys share." With that said, I pulled out of Manuel and stuck my tongue inside his hole and I began sucking out my cum, then we shared a brotherly kiss, sharing my cum as our tongues played with each other. I could taste my cum and the juices from being inside of Manuel, everything about him tasted sweet. I then got up and put my cock in his young little mouth and he began sucking and cleaning me off, I was so jealous his ass and my cum tasted so good that I wished I was able to suck my own cock just to have that sweet taste again. But then Manuel looked up at me with his cute young little baby face with my cock in his mouth and my jealousy melted away.When we were all done Benny and I squatted while Manuel stood up and the three of us shared a passionate daddy, son and brotherly kiss. Then Benny said "I love you both! You're both such good boys, you make your daddy very proud! Now let's rinse off and go swimming in the lake, that way everyone can think we've been there the whole time." So we did!Well guys that's the end of Ch.3 Thanks for reading and enjoying Ch2. I hope this was just as good. Ch.4 is cumming soon! Remember feedback is always and greatly appreciated!
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